Have Twins, Will Travel

Up North

Interlochen, Michigan – When I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, everybody used to go Up North in the summer. Up North is the generic term for Northern Michigan, where everybody seemed to have a vacation home or a hunting cabin or maybe just some relatives to visit.

Except us. We did not go Up North, because we lived on the shores of lovely Lake St Clair, and why would anybody need to go on vacation anywhere else? But I digress.

This year, we coordinated our annual trip to Michigan with our cousins, who were spending a week Up North. It turned into a sort of mini family reunion, with three generations of aunts, uncles and cousins. We stayed in a cozy cabin (very cozy) on a little lake–perfect for swimming, canoeing, and campfires.

Here are some more highlights from our days there:

Interlochen Center for the Arts

This arts academy and summer camp is the centerpiece of the eponymous town. It is a beautiful and impressive campus, with music ringing out from every building. We went to see a performance of Ragtime, a musical based on the book by Terrence McNally. The show was acclaimed for capturing a unique moment in history (in the early 20th century), but it was remarkable how relevant the themes are today, 100 years later. The production was fantastic–amazing work for high schoolers! The storyline is complicated but the music is lively, and everyone enjoyed it (even the teens!)

Portage Point Resort

This resort sits on a spit of land between sweet little Portage Lake and mighty Lake Michigan. It used to be Portage Point Inn, where my father spent many happy summer days in his youth with his friends and family. We didn’t stay here, but we spent a day hanging out at the resort–climbing the giant sand dune, playing shuffleboard, and listening to my dad share his memories.

I could have stayed all day at the beach on Lake Michigan, where the water was refreshing–and fresh! (I can’t help it, I am forever a lake girl.)

Kate’s Sweet Shop & Mini Golf

I am a well-known hater of mini-golf, and I only agreed to participate because I was outvoted. But, on the very first hole, I got a hole in one! I had the magic touch! I was the clear winner out of both groups of golfers. (If I am smart, I will never play again, so I can live out my golden years in mini golf glory.)

Afterwards, there was ice cream for all. Summertime bliss!