Have Twins, Will Travel

NEW Lonely Planet guidebooks to Costa Rica

After writing guidebooks for 20 years, it can be anticlimactic to receive the final products–sometimes as much as a year after completing the research and writing. There have been times that my author copies languished in the box for weeks, with barely a glance. I had a somewhat different experience this week, when I was OVERJOYED to receive my copies of these new Lonely Planet guidebooks to Costa Rica.

The books have a brand new design, focusing more on carefully curated experiences, and less on listings and logistics. They are gorgeous, with more images showing off this spectacular corner of the world. Most importantly, they are my first guidebooks in three years (not including Experience New England, which was a desk job, so not really new material).

These books are the culmination of my trip to Costa Rica last year. Did I mention it was my first research trip in three years? It was wonderful on so many levels, not the least because I spent my time uncovering the best activities and adventures–and actually experiencing them–as opposed to schlepping around to hotels and restaurants to look at rooms and menus. I experienced a new (but somehow familiar) kind of freedom, as I was mostly traveling by myself. That’s right, my guys stayed home at the bachelor pad while I was off traipsing around Costa Rica. And then, best of all, the twins flew down to join me for my last week in country. We had a blast.

So… the future of (my) travel writing is still somewhat uncertain. But whatever happens, I am ending–or not ending–on a high note. And I have these two new Lonely Planet guidebooks to Costa Rica to show for it. Check out Lonely Planet Costa Rica and Experience Costa Rica…