Have Twins, Will Travel

Rare Wildlife Sighting

Bijagua, Costa Rica – A rare wildlife sighting! The elusive 12-year-old boy! (Two of them!)

We debated about whether or not the twins should join me on this trip to Costa Rica. They did not have (much) time off from school and Daddio could not get away from work at all. Plus, we have a bad habit of spending all the profits from these Lonely Planet gigs.

Alas, the twins really wanted to come. (My tweens wanted to come on vacation with me! How much longer is that going to be the case? I had to take advantage of it!)

Lucky for us, JetBlue has a seasonal direct flight from Boston to Liberia, which runs weekly from November to April. The twins were on the first run of the season – and their first solo international flight. (This was a big deal to me, but a very small deal to the twins.)

Anyway, JetBlue took very good care of them and walked them through Immigration and everything. The twins reported that the flight attendants kept calling them “VIPs”.

V: “Finally somebody recognizes the truth!”

S: “It was so patronizing.”