Have Twins, Will Travel

Raise a Kid Who Loves To Travel

Somerville, Mass – My friend posted on Facebook: “I was defiant against the term `stay-at-home parent’ this summer. Stay at home? We were OUT! We napped in the stroller! We went to the park! We took the T! We drove to visit friends! But now… cold and flu season… now I understand… stay at home parent.”

I commented: “Just wait until potty training. I’m taking `stay-at-home’ to a whole new level.”
So… since I have nothing to write about, let me refer you to this great article in Parents magazine about how to Raise a Kid Who Loves to Travel. Note the excellent insightful comments by my friend and colleague Celeste Brash.
It all sounds very familiar and similar to something you might read on this site. (It’s not rocket science!)