Have Twins, Will Travel

Central America on a Shoestring

camimage74d6Somerville, Mass – This beautiful new book showed up on my doorstep recently, featuring a new and improved Costa Rica chapter, written by yours truly. It’s just the thing to get us all excited about our next trip to Costa Rica, which is coming up in TWO WEEKS.

The bellowing of howler monkeys echoes across the treetops. Magnificent frigate birds circle high overhead, while less-than-sonorous squawking uncovers a pair of scarlet macaws. Morning breaks in the coastal rainforest.
Similar scenes unfold across Costa Rica, from the dry tropical forest along the Pacific coast to the misty cloud forest at higher altitudes. One-third of this country’s area is protected, making it a wildlife wonderland. The flora and fauna are only part of the appeal. Annually Costa Rica attracts more than one million visitors eager to catch a wave, climb a volcano or otherwise partake of paradise.
It’s never easy to maintain the delicate balance between preserving natural resources and cashing in on economic opportunity, but Ticos are tireless in their efforts. These peace-loving people are eager to share the staggering scenery, bountiful biodiversity and complete contentment of pura vida, the “pure life” of Costa Rica. See more at Lonely Planet…