Have Twins, Will Travel

World Landmarks Project

Somerville, Mass – V’s class is doing a world landmarks project. Each kid chose a landmark building or geographical feature to learn about and create a model of. For some reason, V decided he might choose Machu Picchu for his subject. Oh no, I insisted, he should choose a place that we have been and seen in person. How about St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow?

The teacher went for it. V relented. I got my way.

And then it dawned on me… how the heck were we going to make a model of one of the most complex structures in all of Christendom?

V insisted that the medium for his model should be clay. Nobody had any idea how to work with clay, but Daddio figured it out, creating a rough structure with cardboard and aluminum foil, then plastering the colorful clay on top.

This was a family project for sure. I’m a little embarrassed about how much work we all put into the world landmarks project (including Twin S!). But look how good it came out!