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Ski Bradford

Haverhill, Mass – The twins had such a blast skiing in Italy, that I vowed to ski again this winter. After all, we have a lot of winter in New England, so we might as well enjoy it. A few years ago, we skied at Gunstock, which was fabulous. But it’s a few hours away and it requires spending the night in a hotel, which ratchets up the cost quite significantly. I decided to examine our options closer to home, which is how we ended up at Ski Bradford, just 30 miles north of us.

Ski Bradford is a small, sweet, family-owned ski resort. Three chair lifts and a few more tow ropes service a dozen ski runs. The highest altitude is 272 feet. And kids seriously outnumber adults on the slopes. In fact, we saw many parents who dropped their kids in the learners’ area and watched from the sidelines (or went for coffee).

This is what makes Ski Bradford perfect for learners. The website touts their ski instruction program, but we didn’t even take advantage of that. We just appreciated the simple slopes and the lack of lines.

And when the twins both fell down the first time they got off the chair lift… that was no problem. The operator stopped the lift and helped them up.

And when my kid dropped his ski pole getting on the lift (several times)… that was no problem either. The operator just sent it up with the next skier.

Not the least, Ski Bradford is closer (and cheaper) than any other ski facility. I suspect it won’t be long before the twins outgrow this place. (I mean, it’s not the Dolomites!) But for now, Ski Bradford has everything we need.

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