Have Twins, Will Travel

Minute Man Bikeway

Arlington, Mass – As I mentioned in my previous post, we are opting out of MCAS so we can spend our time on more useful endeavors. Like going for bike rides, for example. With all of our pandemic biking, we have not yet been on the Minute Man Bikeway.

For us, the nearest access point is the eastern end of the Community Path, which connects to the Minute Man. It’s only about a mile from our house, but it’s a mile of on-road city riding, including bad intersections, narrow streets and steep hills. All without protected bike lanes.

The good news is that there is a big project underway to extend the Community Path. It will pass within a quarter-mile of our house and it will be easy to access with the new bike lanes in Union Square. And it’s supposed to open next year–just when the twins will be ready to expand their boundaries, I suspect. Of all the changes happening in Somerville right now, this one is the most exciting. No contest.

In the meantime, the Minute Man Bikeway is kind of a no-go for the twins, unless we drive to the trail. That is what we did today.

It’s almost two miles to reach the Minute Man Bikeway, plus 10 miles to the opposite end in Bedford. I hoped to make it to the Battle Green in Lexington Center for a definitive turning point. In reality, we made it to Buck Field in Arlington, which was about halfway. I didn’t push V to go farther because it was lunchtime.

Instead, we turned around stopped for grilled cheese sandwiches and lemonade at the Kickstand Cafe (no brainer!). It was 10 miles roundtrip, which was a decent ride. And just a teaser for what we will be doing next year, when we have the Community Path at our doorstep.