Have Twins, Will Travel

25th of June Fireworks

St Clair Shores, Mich – Here we are for our annual visit to my hometown of St Clair Shores, Michigan, on the glorious Lake St Clair. Lo and behold, we arrived just in time for the annual 25th of June fireworks! (I guess it is technically the weekend before 4th of July weekend, but it’s not even July yet so it feels… well, early.) Anyway, we won’t be here for the 4th of July, so I’m all for the 25th of June fireworks!

The fireworks took place at Veterans Memorial Park, where we used to come to the splash park. The twins did not remember this incident which took place here eight years ago. In fact, they did not remember this place at all. But never mind.

So the fireworks were scheduled to start at “dusk” which we figured was about 10pm. The grandparents insisted that we should arrive early to get a good spot, so we went four hours early. Ouch.

Fortunately, we brought a picnic dinner. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring alcohol into the park. Double ouch.

As it turned out, we probably did not need to arrive four hours early. There were a plethora of good spots, as the fireworks went off over the lake and Veterans Memorial Park is on a peninsula that sticks out into the lake. But nonetheless, we did get one of the good ones, and the fireworks were fantastic!

Back in Boston, we live a few miles from one of the best and biggest fireworks displays in the world. But we rarely go to watch them, because it’s way too crowded and we’re old like that. (And this is what happened the last time we went to watch… Although that was six years ago, so maybe it’s time to try again!)

Anyway, it’s been a few years since we have since fireworks and the twins have never seen them this close. It really was spectacular. I’m thinking we should come to Michigan for the 25 of June fireworks next year as well!