Have Twins, Will Travel

Río Fortuna Waterfall 

La Fortuna, Costa Rica – There are a lot of cataratas in Costa Rica but the Río Fortuna waterfall is doozy! It’s 70 meters high.

For those of us who are not proficient in the metric system, that’s 500 steps. Followed by a refreshing dip. (Followed by 500 steps back up, but never mind.)

The Río Fortuna waterfall is a beaut, but it is often busy and I wouldn’t call it an “adventure”. In my opinion, the paved stairway takes away some of the fun (as do the crowds). BUT it is safe, so that’s a bonus.

Another bonus is that you can swim in the pool created by the cascade. (Don’t swim directly beneath the falls: she’ll blow you away!)

Catarata Río Fortuna