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7 Best Hikes in Costa Rica

Want to discover the best hikes in Costa Rica? From popular jaunts through the coastal rainforest to arduous climbs to mountain peaks, Costa Rica has vibrant and varied landscapes that offer endless opportunities for hiking.

Indeed, sometimes there’s no other way to reach that volcanic crater, swim in that waterfall, or spot those rare birds – except under the power of your own two feet. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert, as there are trails to suit all skill levels. They are usually well-marked and guides are often available. And if you are an expert, you’ll find plenty of challenges as well.

The most popular hiking trails can be crowded during the high season. But there’s almost always a path less trodden somewhere nearby. So lace up your boots and grab your walking stick: here are the seven best hikes in Costa Rica. Read more at Lonely Planet…

Cerro Chirripó is one of the best hikes in Costa Rica