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Best Neighborhoods in Boston

Replete with historic sights, cultural attractions and academic institutions, Boston is a dynamic city with many sides. This is due in part to its patchwork of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct ambiance and attractions.

The historic heart of Boston sits on a small peninsula, tucked in between the Charles River and the Boston Harbor. Not much more than 2 square miles, this area includes Downtown, a dynamic mix of modern commercialism and historic sights; the North End, the city’s Italian enclave; and Beacon Hill, with its quintessential Boston charm.

In the 19th century, as the city grew, the swampland to the south and west were filled in to create new, grand, planned neighborhoods – the South End, Back Bay and Fenway – with wide avenues, graceful architecture and renowned cultural institutions. The city’s most recent transformation took place in the Seaport District, where docks and parking lots morphed into gleaming buildings and endless possibilities. These are Boston’s top neighborhoods to discover. Read more about the best neighborhoods in Boston…