Have Twins, Will Travel

Helicopter over Detroit

Detroit, Michigan – Here we are, back in the Motor City! As a special surprise, the grandparents treated us to a flight in a helicopter over Detroit!

It was actually cloudy and rainy as we drove to Detroit City Airport, the launching pad for this adventure with My Flight Tours. But the skies had cleared by the time we arrived, and it turned out to be perfect weather for our excursion.

Our trip was the “Quick Hop” and it was indeed quick (seven minutes from take-off to landing). It was just enough time to see the east side, the Detroit River, and downtown Detroit (from a distance).

I admit that I never had any desire to ride in a helicopter (and in fact, we opted to hike rather than fly along the Na Pali Coast, with the explicit reasoning that “we are not helicopter people”). But I’ll try anything once–especially if the grandparents are treating!

My hesitancy stemmed in part from the belief that it would be bumpy (and induce airsickness) and loud. But it was not bumpy or loud. We wore noise canceling headphones with microphones, so there was no noise whatsoever, but we could still talk to each other. The take-off was so smooth, I barely knew we were in the air. The landing was just as soft.

All around we agreed it was a comfortable ride and super cool to see the city from the air. And let me tell you, there’s not a lot that impresses my teenagers these days.