Have Twins, Will Travel

Things to know before you go to Costa Rica

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, on a hike in the remote forests of Volcán Tenorio National Park, the sky unexpectedly opened up, dumping buckets of rain on my 12-year-old twins and me. We were completely soaked, despite our rain gear. 

“So much for the dry season,” I complained.

My kid looked at me with incredulity. 

“Mom, we’re in the rainforest!”

Good point, kid.

In Costa Rica, every adventure comes with a potential misadventure. That’s the lesson I have learned (and learned to love), from 25 years of traveling in this wild wonderland. From driving through rivers due to washed-out bridges, to getting stung by scorpions, to getting lost in the country’s largest national park…I have had my fair share of travel “disasters.”

But I have also learned how good planning (and a healthy dose of reframing) can turn almost any disaster into an extraordinary experience. Here are 13 tips to make sure your trip to Costa Rica is memorable in all the right ways. Read more about things to know before you go to Costa Rica at Lonely Planet…