Have Twins, Will Travel

Nakomis Drum Circle

Sarasota, Florida – What better way to kick off winter break than feeling the beat at Nakomis Beach? Here, on Wednesday and Saturday nights, local drummers bring their instruments and provide the rhythmic accompaniment to the setting sun. Other revelers get their groove on or just watch the action. Welcome to the Nakomis Drum Circle.

It’s a pretty festive affair that welcomes all comers, as you can tell from this video clip (provided by my father).

Slightly put off by the crowds, the twins preferred to frolic in the waves and watch from afar.

Sunset from Nakomis Beach

As the evening wore on, they let down their guard a bit–just enough to show off some of their capoeira moves and do some dancing themselves. After the sun went down, the lights came on, with light-up hoola hoops, glowing devil sticks and glow-in-the-dark butterfly wings. (Sorry I did not get a photo of that!) Definitely a little wacky, but mostly good-vibe, family-friendly fun.

Here we go, vacation!


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