Have Twins, Will Travel

Sarasota Festival of the Arts

Sarasota, Florida – It’s the third week in February, which means it’s time to visit the grandparents in Florida. It is unfortunate that Daddio’s vacation does not overlap with the twins’ vacation, so he does not usually get to come with us (with a few exceptions). Truthfully, Daddio probably does not want to spend his vacation with the grandparents in Florida–no offense to them–so it’s for the best.

What is truly unfortunate is that Daddio’s birthday does overlap with the twins’ vacation, so we often miss it. We try to hurry back so we can celebrate with him, but it is usually a belated affair. (And sometimes we have to pick up a cake on the way home from the airport.)

To make up for missing the birthday, we always bring him a souvenir from Florida. One year–after seeing a real live liger at the Big Cat Habitat, we brought Daddio a liger T-shirt. Who wouldn’t want a liger T-shirt?

This year, we decided to get Daddio’s souvenir at the Sarasota Festival of the Arts. This is a big art fair with some 200 vendors lined up along Main Street. You might not think this is the kind of thing that the twins would get excited about. But they did like Somerville Open Studios, so I thought they might like this.

As it turns out, Twin S did like it! And Twin V did not. What can I say, S is a shopper, V is not.

The good news is that we found this cool copper sea turtle to add to Daddio’s collection of backyard art.

Now we just have to remember to pick up a cake on the way home from the airport.